So, what can we bring to your party?

As startup veterans ourselves, we’ve developed a unique blend of best practices steeped in experience and global standards with one goal: increase your success rate and speed to effectively commercialize clean technologies. Our incubation model has received international recognition, and was designed to support high-potential startups for up to 5 years, throughout the long and often unpredictable path to commercialization.  Portfolio Companies get:

Tough Love

Our team of experts help you solve your toughest problems and get to market faster, holding you accountable along the way. Daily, weekly and monthly we cover the full spectrum of issues from how to lead a team, to developing a financial model based on reality, to a go-to-market strategy with the emphasis on “go.”  These aren’t canned programs… help is customized to your specific needs and changes focus as often as you do.

Knowledge You Need

We’ve built unique Boot Camps and a targeted C-Level Series of “boots in the stirrup” seminars that give you access to wisdom you can’t get in school, and that takes a decade of mistakes and experience to amass. The Investment Boot Camp alone is worth its weight in gold.

Access to the Right People

The LACI network is strong, and we do whatever it takes to open the right doors and make the connections you need to succeed (provided you’re ready).  Plus, collaborating on ideas, being the first to hear about an important new development, being in a group of peers who are all trying to do the same thing is the intangible part of being part at the hub being built in the Cleantech Corridor.

Easy Space in a Creative Place

No personal guarantees, TI’s or long-term agreements. Just flexible space that’s ready for you to plug in and get to work. We’ve taken all the hassles off the table and offer our Portfolio Companies the chance to focus on their business rather than their offices. And we’re in the most innovative part of Downtown LA, the Arts District.