What can we bring to your party?

Why not enroll in a private accelerator or work with some experienced angels? All of these have their place, yet LACI offers something different: we give you an unfettered environment, people who can help you wrestle with the issues you face every day, and we open doors for you that will speed your entry into the market.

We call successful applicants “portfolio” companies because we invest ourselves in your success. It costs a lot of money, time and effort to incubate a company. Yet, the results are worth it as research shows that companies which are nurtured in an incubator have an order of magnitude greater chance of being successful.

LACI is not your everyday incubator, either. We are a central part of the City of Los Angeles’ economic development strategy, which means that we attract a lot of attention and help. The city has a vested interest in making us, and therefore you, successful. That’s why we have close working relationships with the Mayor’s Office, LADWP, CRA/LA, LAEDC, LA Chamber, and the region’s great research universities and labs including Caltech, JPL, UCLA, USC and CSUN. All of these resources and more are being trained on your success.