Higea has developed the most efficient method of cleaning oil spills by utilizing magnetics.

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Proof Points:

Higea’s magnetic polymer is applied over a spill area, exclusively absorbs oil, and forms a single, magnetic crust over the surface of the spill. Our magnetic collection device extends from vessels and collects all of the magnetic polymer and trapped oil.

Higea’s product is the only large-scale oil removal system. The technology has an encounter rate (area of a spill addressed in a given period of time) 10X larger than the leading oil-collecting competitor. In addition, Higea’s system collects up to 90% less water than other technologies, drastically reducing costs and post-spill processing.

Higea’s polymer is also the only fully recyclable sorbent available, meaning it can be reused up to 10 times without any degradation in effectiveness.

Awards, Grants or Highlights:

  • Parsons Innovation Award
  • 1st Place – Tech Pitch Startup Competition
  • Obtained the Venture Well Stage 1 and Stage 2 Grants
  • Endorsed by Helene Shneider – Mayor of Santa Barbara
  • Emerging Innovator Award – Lois Capps (Member of Congress)

Proof Points

  • Fully developed an EPA approved magnetic polymer.
  • Developed a prototype magnetic collection device that collects 10 gallons of oil per minute.
  • Obtained a paid pilot test commitment from an oil spill cleanup organization.


Wyatt Nelson

Wyatt Nelson

Zoheb Mohammed

Zoheb Mohammed

Chief Operations Officer