World-class, closed-loop system to produce healthy food, pure water, and renewable energy at 50x the per acre output of land today

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The Ecoponex™ System is a closed-loop “living machine” that biologically converts solar energy along with recycled C02 and organic nutrients (N-P-K) into biomass (vegetables, forage crops) and micro-organisms (algae) via photosynthesis in large hydroponic greenhouses.

The algae in turn produce pure 02, lipids, and proteins for high value nutraceutical products, as well as animal feed to raise fish and other livestock (dairy, beef cattle, etc).  This is achieved in a vertical 3-dimension aqueous environment using recirculated and filtered water, without utilizing soil as the growing media.

Fresh or salt water fish species are grown in large tanks using the latest techniques in recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) technology.   Wastewater (and C02) from the RAS system supplies the nutrients needed to grow crops in the greenhouses, which in turn filters the water that is returned back to the RAS system to raise fish in a closed-loop cycle.

The system also generates more energy in the form of methane-rich biogas and electricity than it needs using anaerobic bacteria with a proprietary bio-catalyst to increase the digestion of organic wastes generated by the process (fish) and other cellulosic feed stocks such as community food and green wastes.   Nutrients and C02are recovered as by-products from the anaerobic digester system. These by-products are then utilized to enhance the growth of biomass and micro-algae crops thus completing the closed-loop process.

Proof Points

  • Raised over $1.6 million in investment capital to date.
  • Technology independently evaluated by National Renewable Energy Lab and process modeled by Texas A&M University.
  • Developed its own IP and file patent disclosures.
  • Acquired licenses to world-class biogas, algae, biorefining and LED technologies.
  • Identified sites to develop in New Mexico, Florida, California, the Netherlands and Hungary.


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Benjamin Brant

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