The WishList program turns the traditional innovation model on its head.  Instead of researchers and entrepreneurs inventing technologies and hunting for potential markets, we go to the markets and ask them to define their most pressing problems.

Targeting Pain Points

The misunderstanding of core problems, the evolution of market economics, and customer engagement are the most challenging tasks faced by entrepreneurs, and consequently, investors.  By deeply defining real market needs at the outset:

  • A clearer path is created for innovator / customer alignment
  • Solution development is more efficient and effective for customers
  • Risk of failure is lowered for entrepreneurs and investors

How it Works

We engage with large customers in big markets and dig into their most pressing cleantech problems, whether it be for regulatory compliance, cost reduction, operational efficiency, environmental stewardship, or combinations thereof.

Problems are identified in granular detail to enable entrepreneurs to specifically target solutions.  With our partners, we:

  • Understand the problem
  • ID current technologies and performance metrics
  • Define the problem economics (current costs and target reductions)
  • Size the market (micro and macro)
  • Time the solution

LACI then serves as the outsourced recruiting and development arm of partner organizations to identify, recruit, vet, nurture and grow entrepreneurs working on these critical natural resource problems.

Initial Sector Focus

  • Electric Power
  • Natural Gas
  • Ports
  • Transportation
  • Waste Management
  • Water

Learn More

Please contact LACI’s VP Development, Ian Gardner, to discuss the WishList program in more detail.